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24 January 2013 @ 08:16 am
Our Embassies' So-called Security  

SECRETARY OF STATE Hilllary Clinton "testified" recently on Capitol Hill regarding the debacle at Benghazi.

What none of that lot -- the CYA bunch on Capitol Hill, the striped-pants crowd from Foggy Bottom -- will admit or discuss is that embassy security hasn't been worth a tinker's dam at any time since at least the end of World War II, if not before.

With the example in the twentieth century of the Soviets, who bring everything and everyone from Russia (and likely still do), we built an embassy in Moscow using local labour and local material that was - and probably still is - so riddled with bugging devices as to be less secure than a hotel telephone. We hire locals for security - in nations where we can not investigate those employees/contractors' backgrounds.

Secretary Clinton has stated she did not know about security requests, that those were handled by the State Department's security professionals - who apparently don't bother to ask the Marine Corps it's opinion on the matter, despite the fact that the Corps is saddled with the job of being the first - and last - line of defence for our embassies.

Were it not for the fact that good people have died, it would be laughable. As it is, it is criminal and the criminals are located on Capitol Hill and Foggy Bottom.