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05 November 2012 @ 09:39 am
Remember, remember the Fifth of November ...  

BUT TOMORROW will tell the tale. I'm not thrilled to be voting this year. I'm not thrilled with Mr. Romney at all. I do not trust Mr. Obama; the furore in the media concerning the debacle at the consulate in Benghazi tends to make me think that there's smoke, so there's a fire somewhere.

If the president did abandon the men and women at the consulate, reprehensible is the least one can say about it. If he did not know about it, then one is still stuck with the same adjective, in that instance applied to the upper levels of the administration he heads, in particular regarding our intelligence community.

The other the choice is a protest vote, either Virgil Goode or a write-in. None of my choices are palatable. Do I cast a vote for a candidate I don't care for at all or do I vote my conscience? At this point, I have not decided; that decision will be made tomorrow in a polling booth at an elementary school.

With the 'winner take all' concept, our electoral system is broken, gored in the gut starting with the primary elections. I believe the Founding Fathers would be appalled at what we've done.

Whichever candidate -- or lack thereof -- you can support, or at least vote for, please do so.
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